EBT Balance Link Sandbox

Developer sandbox guide for linking an EBT account.


Accessing the Sandbox Environment

Sandbox requests are not presently authenticated given the data is fake. Set https://api-sandbox.bennyapi.com as your request base URL.


The EBT Balance Link sandbox environment allows developers to test the link flows and get balances and transactions.



If using the Benny Mobile SDK, set the SDK's environment to SANDBOX as mentioned in the development documentation. Call (SDK) Get temporary link to generate the temporary link required to initialize the SDK. This temporary link token will not change but can be used multiple times.

Logging an Existing Account

For most existing EBT account logins, only a username and password are required. Other state logins require an additional challenge question to be answered. The following credentials will allow you to simulate all scenarios:

UsernamePasswordChallenge Question AnswerResult
good_usergood_passN/ASuccessful Link
challenge_usergood_passN/APrompted for Challenge Question
challenge_usergood_passAny stringSuccessful Link

Any other combination will result in an unsuccessful link.

Create Account

Use the "magic" card number of 1234000012340000 (16 digits) to successfully create and link a new account. Any other account number will result in a link failure.

API Only



If you've integrated using the Benny SDK, skip ahead to Linked Account .

If choosing to link via the API-only integration, the following credentials will allow you to simulate scenarios for logging into an existing account:

UsernamePasswordChallenge Question AnswerResult
good_usergood_passN/AValid Temporary Link
challenge_usergood_passN/AInvalid Temporary Link
challenge_usergood_passAny stringValid Temporary Link

To test the webhook event emission for the case a challenge question is required, use the Benny API dashboard's Svix Testing Event Integration and the example ebt.link.failure event.

Linked Account

Get Balance and Transactions

The following long-living tokens have pre-defined responses:

tkn_clr0vxkv3000508l63vebe4cbBoth SNAP and EBT Cash balances and transactions are returned.
tkn_clr2pujve000008l6bwe79ah5Only EBT Cash balances and transactions are returned.
tkn_clr0vypan000608l6b63d9igqOnly SNAP balances and transactions are returned.

Webhook Events

The sandbox environment does not presently support webhook events. However, via the Benny API dashboard's Svix Testing Event Integration, you can send test events as defined at webhooks.bennyapi.com.