ITIN Application Sandbox

Guide for developer sandbox for submitting ITIN applications.


The sandbox environment allows developers to test application submission, document upload, and application status endpoints. All responses are fake data based on request parameters.

Requests and Resulting Responses


Accessing the Sandbox Environment

Sandbox requests are not presently authenticated given the data is fake. Set as your request base URL.

Given external CAA and IRS review is required to advance the application state, fake application IDs are provided to simulate application states.

Fake ITIN Application IDState
itinapp_cls0svl90000008ju4wqd7ml0The ITIN application is incomplete and cannot be submitted for CAA review.
itinapp_clrtpq4z9000108ladv43enjiThe ITIN application is ready for ITIN review, but is not submitted yet.
itinapp_clrtpqgvz000208la9zpwftxsThe ITIN application is submitted for CAA review.
itinapp_clrtpqnrj000308la23gl3qnhThe ITIN application was approved by the CAA and submitted for IRS review.
itinapp_clrtpqus7000408la6153f5q4The ITIN application was approved by the IRS, and an ITIN was given.
itinapp_clrtpqzy7000508la9mbjhg4dThe IRS rejected the ITIN application.

Creating Application

Requests to Create ITIN Application are validated, but no application is created.

Uploading Documentation, Signature, and Liveness

Requests to Upload ITIN documentation Upload applicant signature and Upload applicant liveness are validated to ensure:

  1. The application is not in a submitted state.
  2. The file upload metadata is correctly sent.

Only itinapp_cls0svl90000008ju4wqd7ml0 and itinapp_clrtpq4z9000108ladv43enji can be used to test document upload as other application IDs are in a submitted state.

Submitting Application

Requests to Submit ITIN application are validated to ensure the application ID is correct, all documentation is uploaded, and the application is not in the submitted state.

Only itinapp_clrtpq4z9000108ladv43enji can be used to test application submission.

Get Application Status

The given application IDs above with Get ITIN application status will result in the predefined states.

Get Completed Application

The completed application, i.e., an application that is approved or denied by the IRS, can be obtained via Get completed ITIN application. Only itinapp_clrtpqus7000408la6153f5q4 and itinapp_clrtpqzy7000508la9mbjhg4d can be used to test getting completed applications.