ITIN Application Getting Started

Getting started guide for submitting an ITIN application.


Benny's Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN application product is responsible for gathering all required applicant information, matching the applicant with an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent, mailing the physical application to the IRS for review, and returning the ITIN application result.

Understanding ITIN Application Requirements

An ITIN, W-7 application requires the following fields:

Current first, middle, and family namesThe applicant's current name.Yes
First, middle, and family names at birthThe applicant's name at birth. This is optional and only applicable if the applicant's name has changed.No
US mailing addressThe applicant's current US mailing address. PO boxes are not supported.Yes
Foreign residency addressThe applicant's foreign address. If the applicant no longer has a foreign residency, only the country is required.Yes
Date of birthThe applicant's date of birth.Yes
Country of birthThe applicant's country of birth. City, state, or province can be optionally provided.Yes
SexThe applicant's sex at birth. Limited to "Male" or "Female" by the IRS.Yes
Countries of citizenshipOne or more countries the applicant is a citizen of.Yes
Foreign tax ID numberThe applicant's foreign tax ID number. If the applicant does not have one, this is optional.No
Type of US visa, number, and expiration dateThe applicant's US Visa. If the applicant does not have one, this is optional.No
Identification documentsDocument(s) proving identity and foreign status. Only a foreign passport is accepted at this time.Yes
US date of entryDate of entry into the United States.Yes
Signature of applicantThe applicant's hand-drawn digital signature.Yes

Understanding the Review Process

An ITIN W-7 application and supporting documentation will be:

  1. Reviewed through automated checks before being sent for CAA review.
  2. Reviewed by a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA). Benny will assemble and mail the physical paper application to the IRS if approved.
  3. Reviewed by the IRS, who ultimately approve or reject the ITIN issuance. An approval or rejection letter is mailed to both the applicant and the CAA. The CAA will upload their copy, which will be shared via API access.


Benny does not offer a mobile or web SDK for applicant information collection but instead provides APIs for applicant information and document submission, along with determining the application status and outcome.


API Secret

You'll need an API secret to complete this integration.

Create Application

An application must be first created with the Create ITIN Application endpoint. We recommend providing your organization's unique representation of the customer as the externalId to ensure idempotency. Only one ITIN application can belong to an individual, and a rejected application can always be re-submitted.

Upload Documents

CAA review requires that you upload the following documents:

  1. A photo of the applicant's foreign passport, uploaded via Upload ITIN documentation
  2. A short video where the applicant is holding their passport, i.e., a liveness video. This is uploaded via Upload applicant liveness.
  3. The applicant's hand-drawn digital signature, uploaded via Upload applicant signature.

The application ID and other metadata are included in the upload requests. Uploading the same document type will replace the previously uploaded one.

Submit Application

Once all required documentation is uploaded, an application can be submitted for CAA review. Once submitted, the application or its documentation cannot be updated. At this point, a CAA:

  1. Can approve the application and indicate that it should be sent for IRS review.
  2. Request additional information or edits to the application.
  3. Reject the application as the applicant is not eligible for an ITIN.

The application status will change accordingly.

Get Application Status

Application status can be fetched via Get ITIN application status with the submitted application ID. This endpoint provides the applicant's ITIN if approved or the reason for rejection if rejected.

Status Webhook

A webhook event is also emitted when the application status changes. As an example:

  "payload": {
    "application_id": "itinapp_rij5y5l0v5do01c8qx0laqea",
    "status": "CAA_REVIEW_SUBMITTED"
  "type": "itin.application.status.change"

See our event catalog for more information. Webhooks can be created and tested via our developer dashboard.

Get Completed Application

Once completed, i.e., the application is approved or rejected by the IRS, and the submitted application and the IRS response letter are available to download via Get completed ITIN application.

Whatโ€™s Next

Review the ITIN Application sandbox and send test requests.